A schoolroom in Sydney Street East (now Kate Shepherd Place) dating from the years of the first St Paul’s, opened in 1852. This building was built on the original Town Section 514, which had been Native Reserve, but was taken from Native Reserve and given to the church. This building was home of St Paul’s School, as well as the Sunday School, educating many thousands of children.

This building burned down in 1895, taking with it three libraries: that of the Sunday School, the St Paul’s Young Men’s Club and the Rev Tisdall’s. At the time it burned down it was noted that it had been one of the oldest remaining buildings in Thorndon.

A replacement Sydney Street Schoolroom was opened on the same site in 1897, by the Bishop of Wellington. It was designed by Frederick de Jersey Clere. It was 63 feet x 40 feet, and had half a dozen classrooms, some of which were fitted out for ‘socials’.

For six decades this building was a vital part of parish and Wellington life; many parish and other meetings, social events and sports such as badminton used this building. It also hosted many Diocesan meetings, including Synod meetings. During the First World War the parish let the building to the Soldiers Club, and was a vital part of the social life of soldiers throughout the war.

This building was used by the St Paul’s parish until the 1960s. The building was relocated in the 1990s to Thorndon School in Hobson Street.