I love this image of Old St Paul’s from behind – there’s no way you could see this view anymore, with the radical changes to Thorndon since this image was taken, in around 1880, by WHW Davies.


In the foreground stretches the recently reclaimed land where Thorndon Quay and the railway lines now stretch.  Compare this image to the painting of the church done only 15 years earlier – what a change in such a short time.

FL13658133Above is a detail from the photo, with Old St Paul’s to the right, and Bishops Court, the home of the Bishop of Wellington, to the right.  It shows off the shape of the nave, and the little octagonal vestry beside it.

Image credit: Thorndon Quay, Wellington. Davis, William Henry Whitmore, 1812-1901. Ref: PA7-12-61. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. http://natlib.govt.nz/records/22321366