For the last few years I have been fortunate to have met a large number of people who have been members of the congregation at St Paul’s, or in other ways involved in the history of the church, as a result of the  work I have done on an oral history project about Old St Paul’s, funded by the Friends of Old St Paul’s. I’ve completed 20 interviews so far, including:
– members of the congregation, including the choir and an organist and crucifier
– women who were involved in St Paul’s Girl Guide Unit
– the two remaining men who worked as clergy at St Paul’s
– the daughter of one of the bishops for whom St Paul’s was his seat
– ex-staff at the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, involved in the handing-over of the building and its management
– people involved in the Friends of Old St Paul’s
– an architect involved in the restoration of the church

We are always looking for more people to interview, particularly those who were members of the congregation.  If you know of any people who may be interested in being interviewed, please use the contact form below.