The year 1893 was a momentous year for New Zealand; it was the year that Governor of New Zealand Lord Glasgow signed the act which gave women the vote. In the same year, Lord Glasgow paid the vestry £10 to build a small porch to keep draughts off his back.  It is shown here with the three windows and the little slate roof.  (The door in this image is to a separate porch to access the vestry).

The Governors of New Zealand (later called Governors General) visited St Paul’s on a regular basis, even though St Mark’s Church was right on the doorstep of their residence, because of St Paul’s status as New Zealand’s semi-official church. At this time, they had a special seat permanently reserved for them in the chancel (later their reserved seat was in the main part of the church).  The tiny porch that was built for him was designed by the diocesan architect Frederick de Jersey Clere.

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Image: Peter Shepherd, 3 Jan 2014 ‘P1030654 OSP vestry exit’ PS ©